Our History

In February of 2000, Gary began helping people from a desk in a garage at his home. He started to help friends and as word of mouth spread, more and more people began asking for Gary's help. Working with HVAC has been a part of his life since high school. He began studying HVAC at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School in Bloomingdale, OH. 

In Early 2006, it became clear that clientele was growing, and fast. The little desk in the garage was no longer working, and Avalon needed a larger building to house files, tools, equipment and more. Gary began to build Avalon Heating and Cooling's first real Headquarters on his home property. By the start of 2008, not wanting to be too far from home, but needing the space to continue growing, Gary now had the perfect place. 

By March of 2014, the company had continued to grow and needed a new home. This new home was found in Carrollton on south second street at the old township building. 

In January of 2016, Avalon made its final move to its current home on Canton Rd. This building has been the biggest yet, allowing room for our offices, workshops and more! 

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