We Feature Tempstar Products, but offer so Much More!
Your  home is unique, and so are our solutions. 
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  • Tempstar Heating and Cooling Products are made in the USA

  • Most Units Carry a 10 year warranty on all parts when registered online.

  • Tempstar produces a large range of equipment including Gas Furnaces, Electric Furnaces, Split Units and Air Cleaners.

Air Cleaners
  • Bacteria can live on any surface for days at a time. Make sure your air is free of bacteria with a new air cleaner.

  • We install Honeywell, Aprilaire, and Glassfloss. 

  • We work with Electric and Media Air Cleaners.

  • As well as the unit, we provide replacement filters.

  • Controlling the comfort in your home has never been easier with more and more models of thermostats.

  • We install Honeywell and Aprilaire thermostats.

  • Many Thermostats styles such as T Series, Touchscreen, Digitial, Non Programmable and more. 

  • Air comes in all shapes and sizes, there are units to help you with all types of air! 

  • We use power, steam, bypass and many more models.

  • We use both Honeywell and Aprilaire units.

Heat Pumps 
  • Heat Pumps work like a heat magnet. When it is cold outside, they direct warmth into the home, and direct heat out of the home when it is hot out.

  • Some systems are larger like the models from Tempstar and Rheem. LG and Panasonic have a smaller unit to address smaller rooms or additions. 

Oil Furnaces
  • An Oil Furnace uses oil to convert energy to heat in the home. It is best for colder climates such as Ohio's winter. 

  • At Avalon, we install Tempstar and Williamson oil furnaces. Our technicians service all makes and models. 

Gas Heaters
  • A Gas Heater is a great way to heat a garage unit or smaller outdoor space. 

  • Gas Heaters are an efficient way to heat spaces on a budget. 

  • We instal many different models of gas heaters including the Sterling Garage Guy. 

Gas Furnace
  • Gas Furnaces use gas as the energy soiurce to heat your home or business. 

  • We install Tempstar Energy Efficient Natural Gas Furnaces that have a ten year warranty on most parts when registered online!

  • Our Technicians work on all types of Gas Furnaces to make sure your home or business is heated comfortably.

Air Conditioners
  • Air Conditioning Units sit outside and keep your home comfortable during the long hot summer. 

  • No matter what the make and model, our technicians can service them all!